We are a team of experienced professionals from US, Israel, Japan, UK and Romania that help national and local governments and private corporations create high-technology environments to drive economic growth. We work with ministers, policymakers and key personnel to bring about the necessary changes to establish a tech-development ecosystem. 

Many of us have been at the epicenter of US, Japan and Israel’s development into technological powerhouses for several decades. We bring a wealth of experience in understanding the establishment, underpinnings, systems, and structure of high-tech ecosystems.

We have brought a large number of companies from initial concepts to fully functioning organizations. Having spent many years as active board members and chairmen across industries, we have extensive experience creating technology-oriented environments within non-technology organizations – such as manufacturing and services companies. Our broad background extends to being active players worldwide, including significant experience in the Chinese market.

We’re skilled at creating strong connections among academia, government, and industry to foster high tech ecosystems based on public and private partnerships. Customizing the best-in-class success paradigms to meet local, regional and national laws, requirements, culture and ways of doing business, we’ve proven our methodology works.