Matt Child, Eutelsat’s vice president for government services, said in April 2016 that the company already had begun thinking about Brexit issues. Among the questions:

  1. The ease of establishing companies and relocating employees?
  2. Monetary policy and the exchange-rate mechanism?
  3. 12Institutional relationships, i.e. ESA, ESA [the European Defense Agency, part of the EU]?
  4. EU trade and technology transfer?


A British company, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL), is prime contractor for Galileo’s payload electronics. Twenty-two Galileo satellites have been ordered from OHB SE of Bremen, Germany. Most of them have been built and all were contracted well before the Brexit issue.

The question concerns future Galileo satellites. The European Commission, through ESA, is managing a competition for a fresh set of Galileo spacecraft that, in principle, will look almost identical to those built by OHB and SSTL.

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