We are the optimal partner for you if you need:

  • Data Miningin digital satellite imagery (pattern recognition, feature extraction, segmentation, classification, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems(neural networks and genetic algorithms).


The latest developments in space technologies have as result the increase of satellite data amount available for the different applications and services to be developed. The advantage of having big amount of data provided, is counterweighted by the fact that accessing the right images was proven not to be always easy.


Therefore, we invested important efforts and interest into the analysis and exploitation of next generation of time series and content-based image retrieval.

We have in-house a division of postdoc-level algorithm developers able to create (or “re-mix”) algorithms specifically-tailored for your project.


Moreover, we successfully use InSAR / PSI technology in applications designed according to our clients’ requirements for monitoring:

  • Infrastructure development– urban subsidence related to underground infrastructure, strategic infrastructure (nuclear plants, airports, public buildings, water dams)
  • Oil and gas industry – subsidence or uplift related to oil and gas extraction and underground storage, pipelines
  • Mining industry– subsidence related to old mining areas, new mining development
  • Natural hazards– earthquakes related ground deformation, landslides
  • Insurance– evaluate the stability of individual houses for estimation of the insurance premiums
  • Environment– ground water related subsidence, global warming effects (glaciers shrinking and dynamics), ground motion measurements for geological carbon storage sites.


We are also very experienced in:

  • Earth Observation with focus on COPERNICUS core and downstream services
  • Data processing for information extraction
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Data and information visualization
  • Data fusion
  • Data mining
  • Process and system modeling and simulation
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Computational bio-modeling.


Call us today and we will help you build a solution designed with your business in mind. We look forward to speaking with you!