Public Sector

We create an environment for high technology to drive economic innovation. We guide our clients through the entire journey of building a high-tech economic engine, from initial governmental infrastructure to ongoing incubator management. We help develop the governmental, academic, and industry support structure to transform ideas into viable, marketable products, across disciplines and industries. [..]

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Private Sector

We create a single place where ideas from across the organization can be developed into profitable reality. For companies with multiple subsidiaries in traditional industries/non-high-tech oriented industries (import/export, manufacturing, etc.), having a single innovation environment within the organization increase efficiency, add value to all subsidiaries, increase market competitiveness, and leverages the strengths of all divisions for the good of the parent company. [..]

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Academia & Industry

Academia is a critical part of the tech ecosystem but is often the most complex component. We build an atmosphere of cooperation, promoting academia to its rightful place within the infrastructure while smoothing the path for idea transfer from academia to industry. [..]

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