Delivering Economic Development through Technology


We create an environment for high technology to drive economic innovation. We guide our clients through the entire journey of building a high-tech economic engine, from initial governmental infrastructure to ongoing incubator management. We help develop the governmental, academic, and industry support structure to transform ideas into viable, marketable products, across disciplines and industries.


The process begins with ecosystem and resource analysis, where we examine current conditions and develop the plan to transform them into a profitable high-tech environment. We guide public officials, policymakers, and key personnel through the process of establishing a multi-layered government plan for promoting research and development to support the entire life-cycle of high-tech companies. We engage all critical stakeholders – academia, industry, key executives, investors, citizens – motivating them to take an active role in the success of the implementation.


Beyond strategic guidance, we deliver – and can implement – the tactical steps required to create a successful economic engine transforming R&D into applied science into economic growth. We maintain long-term active involvement in the process – from the conceptual beginning to day-to-day management, including:


Extensive Services for Every Stage

  • Today’s infrastructure and future requirements
  • Specific ecosystem requirements
  • Resource availability – human, technology, investment
  • Outlining the required components to create a successful economic engine
  • Providing strategic and tactical direction for creation and implementation
  • Delivering specific requirements, EOIs, RFPs, RFIs, and job descriptions necessary to initiate the process
  • Guiding officials and policymakers through the process of establishing a multi-layered government plan for promoting research and development to support the entire lifecycle of high-tech companies
  • R&D/IP transfer infrastructure
  • Government-academic-private partnerships
  • Venture capital-government investment cooperation
  • Global, national, regional, and local cooperation
  • National/regional/local technology incubator infrastructure
  • Create workforce incentives to:
    • Reduce brain drain/negative emigration of scientists and engineers
    • Enhance quality of workforce
  • Support in all phases of venture capital
  • Maintain the continuity of the VC industry
  • Creating standard entrepreneurship education for high school and higher education
  • Setting up safety nets for academics to get more involved in the start-up
  • Developing specific infrastructure for academia/hospital/research center professionals to allow them to continue to nurture the technology while maintaining their current roles
  • Structure
  • Operations
  • Personnel requirements
  • Training
    • Management
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Board members
    • Scientific advisory board members
  • Support the construction of financial structures that will encourage the inflow of private, public and government capital
  • Build system of government grants and funding programs to enhance the full R&D life cycle of technology companies
  • Create financial criteria for public/private partnership
  • Develop funding checklist for startup/incubator/angel investor/government grant requirements
  • Guidance to create profitable relationships among all interested parties
  • Create active deal flow infrastructure – relationships/funding programs
  • Develop adaptive policy to maintain momentum during markets crises

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