Transforming Creative Ideas into Profitable Reality


We create a single place where ideas from across the organization can be developed into profitable reality.
For companies with multiple subsidiaries in traditional industries/non-high-tech oriented industries (import/export, manufacturing, etc.), having a single innovation environment within the organization increase efficiency, add value to all subsidiaries, increase market competitiveness, and leverages the strengths of all divisions for the good of the parent company.

We guide private companies through the process of creating and promoting a high-tech environment of innovation, creating a safe context in which risk taking is encouraged – even required – driving long-term market strategy and commercializing ideas across disciplines.


Private Incubator Management Services

  • Analysis of internal resources
  • Identifying applicable government R&D programs
  • Providing strategic and tactical direction for creation and implementation
  • Delivering specific requirements and job descriptions necessary to initiate the process
  • Forming success-oriented work procedures and prevent conflicts of interest
  • Formulate long-term operations
  • Absorbing new projects in the incubator
  • Creating methodologies for employee and board compensation
  • Developing methodologies to be used in framework agreements and service providers in the technology incubator for the optimization of capital efficiency
  • R&D/IP transfer or licence infrastructure
  • Government-academic-corporate partnerships
  • Creates the business model of the technology incubator
  • Builds business operations infrastructure/standard operating procedures
  • Building management infrastructure & service-oriented management philosophy
  • Clearly define professional support requirements to promote the success of the projects in the technology incubator
  • Outline the managerial job descriptions, roles and competences
  • Provides hands-on role in hiring process
  • Designing effective work procedures for the creation of a high-quality deal flow
  • Defining methodologies for due diligence and screening processes for new ventures
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Board members
  • Define work methodology
  • Provide clear criteria for evaluating investment allocation
  • Developing methodologies for structuring deals, private ventures, university business relationships, etc.
  • Building scientific advisory board
  • Criteria for and designating active chairperson and boards of directors for the portfolio companies
  • Creating of mentoring methodologies for portfolio managers
  • Executive training programs for managers of the portfolio companies as a management and risk reduction tool
  • Creating of methodologies for weekly work meetings with the portfolio companies
  • Guiding the process of strategy creation for portfolio companies
  • Creating methodologies for working programs and milestones as a value-added and risk management tools for portfolio companies
  • Accompany the recruiting process of the portfolio companies
  • Building the groundwork
  • Encouraging long-term cooperation across industries and countries
  • Guidance in doing business in China

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