Academia & Industry

Academia is a critical part of the tech ecosystem but is often the most complex component. We build an atmosphere of cooperation, promoting academia to its rightful place within the infrastructure while smoothing the path for idea transfer from academia to industry.


Every day universities, research centers, and hospitals discover and develop disruptive, transformational intellectual property, be they new methodologies, technologies, or products. Often, though, due to the “publish or perish” reality within academic culture, those discoveries are published early in the development process, entering the public domain and removing the possibility of intellectual property protection necessary to create a competitive advantage for successful commercialization.


We work with industry, academia, and the private sector to create new communication channels to build consensus among everyone with a vested interest in getting these ideas to market – clarifying the benefits and increasing buy-in to transform “publish or perish” to “IP and profit.”


Extensive Services for Every Stage

  • Build communications plan to share possibilities and profits of academic-industrial cooperation
  • Analyze internal resources available to manage cross-channel activities
  • In-depth analysis of academic research infrastructure and business requirements to determine the best areas in which to focus practical research
  • Identify and fine-tune applicable programs already in place
  • Develop simple steps to initiate the academic community into the economic opportunities provided by licensing agreements and spinoffs
  • Implement cross-cultural education and training about business infrastructure for academics and academic infrastructure for business partners
  • Share global best practices to accelerate understanding and cooperation
  • Training via guided best-practices management to encourage long-term success
  • Develop management infrastructure & service-oriented management philosophy within academic institutions
  • Clearly define professional support requirements to promote the success of the programs
  • Formulate long-term operations
  • Create business model for technology transfer operations
  • Define methodologies for due diligence and screening processes for new concepts
  • Create R&D/IP transfer and license infrastructure, including clearly defined “deal” framework and work procedures between universities/research centers/hospitals and private industry
  • Provide expertise for new incentive plan for academia that reduces “publish or perish” stigma
  • Redefine income streams as they relate to licensing v. grants to restructure the financial operations of traditional academic research
  • Build operational infrastructure/standard operating procedures
  • Providing ongoing support for evolution of licensing and deal infrastructure
  • Strategic and tactical direction for creation and implementation of academic-private partnerships
  • Lay groundwork for joint R&D projects between academia and industry
  • Outline managerial job descriptions, roles and competences
  • Provide hands-on role in hiring process
  • Support the construction of financial structures that will encourage the inflow of private, public and government capital
  • Build system of government grants and funding programs to enhance the full R&D life cycle of technology companies
  • Create financial criteria for public/private partnership
  • Develop funding checklist for startup/incubator/angel investor/government grant requirements
  • Guidance to create profitable relationships among all interested parties
  • Create active deal flow infrastructure – relationships/funding programs
  • Develop adaptive policy to maintain momentum during markets crises
  • Forge relationships between national research institutions and foreign industries for mutual profit

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