Positioning BUCHAREST


The 2017 SPOT approach to attract foreign investments


Our team has developed a multi-layered approach to support our Romanian friends in their efforts to bring foreign capital into their economy. This approach aims at re-position Bucharest within North American business leaders, and includes 4 stages:

  1. Strategy Development:
  • Public opinion research at home and in North America
  • Finding equilibrium between the country brand points of strength, and foreign perceptions
  • Combining infrastructure, communication & education projects into a culture of positive change
  • Jointly building research-based creative approach, focusing on attracting foreign capital to the city


  1. Presenters Training:
  • Create a focused, hi-end presentation
  • Run a training program for leaders, spokespeople and representatives, for optimal presentation performance, in relevant languages and styles


  1. Open doors:
  • Plan & coordinate a Mayor-led leaders trip to USA and Canada
  • Arrange simultaneous presentation opportunities in several mega-cities forums and gatherings


  1. The visit:
  • Organize and execute a series of reciprocity visits to Bucharest, presenting national treasures, people’s pride and attractive investment opportunities, for business leaders from USA and Canada


The SPOT Approach Key Features:

  • Will be fully implemented in 2017
  • Go beyond the strategy stage into full implementation
  • Offers regular research into national mood and local political preferences
  • Branding of municipal political leadership as internationally acclaimed change agents
  • Development of personal relations with world government and private economic leaders


Next optional Steps:

  • The SPOT team will gladly visit Bucharest (and possibly other cities / counties throughout Romania willing and apt to get a visible positioning at global scale (such as Timisoara – future European culture capital, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, Craiova, Ploiesti, Arad, Bacau, Oradea, Targu Mures, Baia Mare, Braila, Pitesti, Sibiu, etc.) in January 2017 to discuss implementation.


Call us today and we will help you build the most effective positioning solution designed with your city / county / region in mind.

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