We do:

  • Interior ballistics: design of rockets engines with solid / liquid / hybrid (direct and reverse) fuel, methods for increasing range rocket action, applications and dimensioning for base bleeding artillery;
  • Exterior ballistics: design and modeling for flight dynamics, trajectory and control parameters for reactive projectiles, infantry ammunition; control systems in jet and bang / bang mode;
  • Flying and guided parachuting systems at low / medium and high altitude (high altitude means 30-40 km altitude);
  • Hardware in the loop simulation – HIL (e.g. anti-tank missile, UAV)
  • Trajectory correction and optimization through dedicated proven methods
  • Numerical modelling for missile systems
  • Current missile system improvement (e.g. GRAD artillery rockets with range increase and trajectory correction)
  • Hypersonic missile simulation and design
  • Re-entry optimization (e.g. aerobraking)
  • 3, 5, 6 DOF simulation- including Monte Carlo parameter estimation



  • MIMIC zero-g magnetic gyroscope development-flown at NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • ORPHEE FP7 European project on hybrid rocket motors
  • VLS vector for launching satellites
  • GRAD improvement on range and trajectory correction
  • HIL for flying wing UAV and Maliutka
  • Accurate 6 DOF for GRAD and Maliutka
  • Microthrusters for trajectory correction (patent pending)
  • Dual phase rocket motor for range increase and improved cruise capabilities
  • Trajectory dispersion numerical modelling studies
  • Technical study on anti-aircraft missile trajectory improvement
  • Low-cost high speed anti-tank kinetic impactor (direct hit)
  • Laser guidance synthesis; game theory
  • Throttle-able hybrid rocket motor


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